Decorative Cushions and Pillows

Published on December 08, 2015



The holidays can be really refreshing when you have a few easy tricks for customizing various size pillow cases. It can not only help you to add cozy touches to your room but can also help save a lot amount of money in your pocket. I opted for three plain pillows and few readily available supplies to revamp them in pillows that are festive and cheerful.











Materials Required – Alphabetical/Numerical Stickers, Washi tape, metallic fabric paint, Cardboard or Chipboard, paint brush

Step 1 – For making the painted pillow, think of an attractive, fun phrase and spell it out on the pillow with the use of alphabet stickers. If you use numerical labels, then you may scatter them evenly on the pillow for creating an appealing pattern.

Step 2 – Now, once the stickers are in place, some cardboard inside the pillow to guard it against leaking. You can also use a tape to mark off neat edges around the pillow. Once the edges are marked, you can just paint right over the pillow to the edges. Paint over top of stickers and allow the paint to rest and dry. Your painted pillow case is ready.










Materials Required – Pillow case, tacky glue, ruler, chalk, gold sequins, needle and thread

Step 3 – To prepare the sequin pillow case, outline the shape of the design that you wish to make with a chalk and a ruler in the exact centre of your pillow. Add glue to one section and then start laying down the sequin lace over the glue. Make sure you overlap the chalk line so that it doesn’t appear.

Step 4 – Add more glue to the remaining pattern and continue to lay down the sequin strip till you cover the entire pattern. For more stability, stitch it down after the strip has thoroughly dried. Once your stitching is complete, the pillow is ready for use.









Materials Required – Thick Yarn, Foam paint brush, pillow case, thread, and needle, metallic fabric paint

Step 5 – For making a pom-pom pillow, open your fingers wide and then wind your yarn between the thumb and the smallest finger. Once a great bunch is made then tie it with a yarn thread. Now cut the end loops and halfway between the knots. Your pom-pom is ready.

Step 6 – Now repeat the above steps to make three more pom-poms.

Step 7 – Paint any geometric shape of your choice in the middle of the pillow with the fabric paint. You can opt for same bright fabric paint or can choose some other color as well. Once it is done, allow it to dry and stitch your pom-pom on each corner of the pillow.



Wow! The lovely decorative pillows are ready to get adjusted to your favorite space.